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Last Updated: April 7th 2020 

Current Status of Coronavirus in Cancun

Confirmed Cases: 118 | Negative Tests: 226 | Recovered: 12
*Numbers for the State of Quintana Roo. View Source.

Currently, Cancun, like the whole world, is in lock-down due to Coronavirus Covid-19. Hotels, restaurants & bars, and activities overall have temporarily suspended their operations and are hoping to be back in business by Summer 2020.

In the state of Quintana Roo, where Cancun is located, there are currently 118 confirmed Covid-19 cases. From all the testing, 226 tests came out negative and 12 patients have already recovered.

What is happening in Cancun regarding...

Airports —

The Cancun International Airport has temporarily reduced its operations to 50% of its full capacity in Terminals 3 and 4, that welcome international flights. This is mainly due to the low flight volume that follows the worldwide travel restrictions. Terminal 2 that receives national flights, is operating in full capacity.

Ferry Schedules —

Temporarily, Ferry companies are now alternating operation days. Winjet will operate all the odd days of April (1, 3, 5, and so on), while Ultramar will operate all the even days (2, 4, 6, and so on). Their schedules will go as follows:

Winjet           Ultramar
Playa del Carmen Cozumel Playa del Carmen Cozumel
10:00 AM
07:00 PM
09:00 AM
06:00 PM
10:00 AM
01:00 PM
08:00 PM
09:00 AM
12:00 PM
07:00 PM

Our advice is to also check the websites and social media, since these schedules are subject to change, due to the current situation.

Hotels —

Hotels are hoping to re-open and be prepared to serve guests by Summer 2020. Currently, 92 Hotels have temporarily closed operations. Here is the status on some of those hotels:

  • Iberostar Paraiso del Mar and Iberostar Paraiso Beach will be closed 03/19/2020 through 04/30/2020. Guests will be relocated to Iberostar Paraiso Selection Lindo. Coral Level at Iberostar Selection Cancun guests will be given the option to stay at Iberostar Selection Cancun in upgraded room categories or guests can relocate to the Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso on case by case basis.
  • Riu Dunamar will be closed starting 04/19/2020 through 04/30/2020.
  • Sandos Caracol Eco Resort will be closed 03/23/2020 through 04/30/2020. Guests will be relocated to Sandos Playacar.
  • Beloved Playa Mujeres will be closed 03/20/2020 through 06/05/2020.
  • Excellence Playa Mujeres will be closed 3/23/2020 through 04/30/2020.

In the Riviera Maya, the following hotels have announced they will be closed as a preventive measure.

  • Bahia Principe Luxury Sian Ka'an will be closed 03/18/2020 through 05/30/2020.
  • Palladium Hotel Group has closed the following properties, effective 03/18/2020 through 04/30/2020:
    • Grand Palladium White Sands
    • Grand Palladium Colonial
    • Grand Palladium Kantenah
    • TRS Yucatan
  • Palmaia Ė The House of AiA will be closed for travel 03/19/2020 through 05/31/2020.
  • Riu Hotels & Resorts has closed the following properties, effective 03/18/2020 through 04/30/2020:
    • Riu Palace Mexico
    • Riu Lupita
    • Riu Playacar
  • Royal Hideaway Playacar is closed for travel 03/21/2020 through 04/30/2020. Future arrivals will be relocated to Hotel Barcelo Maya Riviera.
  • Excellence Riviera Cancun will be closed 03/23/2020 through 04/30/2020.

Bars & Restaurants —

Currently, bars and discotheques are closed to avoid large crowds and the further spread of the virus. Most restaurants and cafes are only serving take-out or delivery. The State is also implementing an alcohol ban, restricting consumption on certain bars and restaurants, during fixed schedules, starting March 27th through April 10th. Read details here

Activities & Vessels —

All non-essential activities are officially suspended until further notice, as instructed by the Federal Government. This means that all the beaches are closed, as well as all tourism centers.

In the meantime, all vessels and tour boats to Isla Mujeres have been suspended.
Public Transportation will be operating up to 11:00 PM, to reduce the number of people in the streets.

Ativities are expected to start running by the end of May-June, operating all through Summer 2020.

Cruise Ships —

Cruise Ship arrivals to Mexico have been canceled for, at least, a month due to the current Coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q: Are you working?
A: Yes, currently, our team is at home, but available to assist you with any changes on existing reservations, or with future reservations. Check our schedules in the contact page in our site.

Q: Should I cancel my trip to Cancun?
A: The general recommendation in the current situation, regardless of your country, is to stay home. We strongly support that. Your safety, and that of your loved ones, comes first.

However, once it's safe to travel again, Cancun will be as beautiful as ever, waiting for you! Keep in mind that 70% of our economy depends on tourism, so by postponing instead of canceling, you will be supporting our local communities and our destinations in general. We can help you to reschedule or postpone your trip, free of charge! Contact us here!

Q: I already booked my tour with you. What can I do?
A: Temporarily, most tours and activites are suspended. But you don’t need to worry, just contact us and we will help you reschedule or postpone your booking, free of charge!

Q: What are your current cancellation policies for travelers? 
A: You can view our detailed cancellation policies here. We can assure you that you will be able to postpone, reschedule, or cancel your bookings free of charge.

How to Protect Yourself

As you know, the way Coronavirus COVID-19 spreads is through droplets from people who carry the virus. The best way to protect yourself is to follow personal hygiene habits and advise.

Some of the things you can do include:

  • Clean your hands often
  • Practice social distancing
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces

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Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

The Coronavirus aka COVID-19, is a sickness tha's being said it emerged from an animal source, and it is highly contagious from person-to-person.

Coronavirus symptoms include fever, dry cough, and shortage of breath. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that 80% of the people with this illness do not develop severe symptoms and recover with basic treatment.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Latest Updates
Country Confirmed Cases Total Recovered
United States 368,533 19,972
Spain 140,510 43,208
Italy 132,547 22,837
Germany 107,717 36,081
Mexico 2,439 633

Who does it affect?

No one is excluded from a coronavirus transmission, it takes about 2-14 days for someone to notice the symptoms, but complications have been seen on people aged 60 years old or older, pregnant women, and persons with pre-existing medical conditions.

There are some steps you can follow to protect yourself such as avoiding close contact with other people (no less than 6 feet), washing your hands carefully (more than 20 seconds each time) and every time you've been at a public place, after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.

Is the COVID-19 a Pandemic? The virus is infecting people and spreading easily, and cases have been detected worldwide. The term Pandemic is used when an illness crosses international boundaries and affects a great number of people.

Coronavirus Myths & Facts

Myth #1: I'm worried about the Coronavirus!
This illness is generally mild. Most cases that have shown issues are in adults over 60 years old, and/or with people who has medical condition.

Myth #2: Antibiotics prevent the COVID-19.
According to the World Health Organization, antibiotics donít work against viruses; if you feel any symptom of this sickness, the best for you is to contact a doctor for immediate assistance.

Myth #3: I'm scared this virus will kill me!
No worries, we're aware that the COVID-19 is an unfortunate disease, but its mortality rate is even lower than other normal health issues.

Read More About it in the News

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